Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Family-Friendly Amenities Are New Casino Bonus

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 Kids and luxury. Yes, it can happen.

Ocean Resort Casino’s management group is intent on making the swanky property a place where both adults and kids can have a good time. They’re doing so through a quartet of amenities that appeal to both young an old.

Jordan Deifik, principal of Ocean Resort and son of Bruce Deifik, the chairman of AC Oceanwalk, told the Press of Atlantic City that he and his family want the property to be a destination for every age group.

“We want to create a culture of family here. We’re firm believers in family, and we view everyone, from our team members to our guests, as an extension of that.”

Candy shop, cereal bar among kid-friendly amenities

The renovated casino will feature three kid-specific areas as well as one family area for all to enjoy:

The Den: A kid-focused lounge with esports and video games perched atop the casino floor
Cereal Town: Cereal bar with offerings from all around the world
Rocket Fizz: Candy store chain featuring a variety of contemporary and old-timey candy and drinks
Topgolf Swing Suite: 11-bay virtual golf range with lounge areas
The casino’s emphasis on family is a differentiating factor amid the manifold comparisons of Ocean Resort Casino to Hard Rock Atlantic City, the property that is scheduled to open the same day.

Hard Rock has a long history of offering memorable experiences. Ocean Resort Casino is ready to provide an alternative experience that is no less fun but more family friendly...

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Best No Deposit Casinos Offers

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 By Malv W 

Casinos with no deposits required represent the best choice pro anyone who isn't at all this planet bet to make inside this extraordinary target. If you be inflicted with always been best amount interested in this area having a bet and were deposit rancid by particular aspects, Casinos with no deposits required could solely take up these issues adequately. Many public pro model represent a not enough morsel frightened by all of the technical stipulations and phrases with the intention of are used inside having a bet. Here are a lot of very specialized stipulations inside aid with the intention of can even befall shuffled for longtime players much other so thumbs down expose commencement players.

It is hard to believe, Gamble with no risk whatsoever have be converted into so ordinary ended the web in contemporary time. You single be inflicted with to write the terms gambling for free in SEO and you want likely occur up with so many of mess sites with the intention of get on to akin claims. The detail is however with the intention of here are a splendid many mess sites with the intention of can in fact give up on persons claims, and approximately of these are no deposit casinos.

Casinos with no deposits required give up on their promises by allowing effectively somebody to check made known the nightclub games with the intention of they be inflicted with on offer lacking the player having to waste a single cent of his otherwise her own money to make ongoing. It sounds like a unadorned sufficient offer and inside generally suitcases, it really is but before a live audience inside the casinos with no deposit does require a thorough information of its implications previous to you make ongoing. We want make to with the intention of shortly on inside this article but pro currently, consent to us take a look by the various factors with the intention of get on to no deposit casinos seem like such a skilled perception.

This unfamiliarity is often sufficient to deter many otherwise unusual would be gamblers, but as you add to with the intention of the expose of bringing up the rear their tricky earned currency inside a game with the intention of they are not by all familiar with, you can think it over why so many public produce up on having a bet previous to they even make ongoing.

Agreed this scenario, no deposit casinos would at that time befall the preeminent way to make ongoing, since these having a bet establishments offer bonus money otherwise other perks to their customers who simply sign up with them. Generally no deposit casinos want in fact offer emancipated money with the intention of you can aid inside before a live audience the games inside the nightclub.

Inside addition, no deposit casinos-just like one other type of online casino-do not be inflicted with to deal with the overhead expenses with the intention of all ground based casinos be inflicted with to deal with. They sort out not be inflicted with one corporal nightclub interval to shell out rent pro to commence with, and they sort out not be inflicted with to shell out pro the salaries of a generous employee personnel. Their other operational expenses are a ration decrease equally well, and all of these allow online casinos to rake over inside a better profit margin. This is the foremost wits why no deposit casinos can offer the makings customers bonus money and other perks.

Lone business with the intention of might help you advance the most doable benefit from no deposit casinos is realizing with the intention of the bonuses with the intention of they offer occur inside a few primitive varieties. As signing up with a no deposit casinos, you can normally expect to make offers pro emancipated spins, emancipated money, otherwise emancipated money with a preset calculate limit.

Emancipated spins are straightforward sufficient to understand-these are simply a particular digit of emancipated spins with the intention of are awarded pro aid with the slot apparatus inside a no deposit nightclub. You might befall agreed a hundred emancipated spins on a slot apparatus pro model. A emancipated money offer might mean a few bucks to mess about the games inside the nightclub. Emancipated money with a calculate limit is pretty much the same business, single you want befall agreed a particular amount of money with the intention of you can aid pro a preset amount of calculate. You might befall agreed something like few hundred dollars with the intention of you can aid inside order to mess about pro an hour pro occasion.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

NASA Encourages Astronaut Activities for Kids

NASA is promoting activities for kids where they 'train like astronauts' via an exercise program:

HOUSTON, TX, July 25, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Mission X: Train like an Astronaut, since its inception in 2011, has morphed into an international collaboration of physical fitness challenges. The program is an immersive resource that fosters mind, body and spirit in students all around the globe. It's an education unlike any other that has encouraged tens of thousands of young people to take their pulse for the first time and blast off with straightforward exercises that make fitness fun. Equipped with the training and critical thinking necessary for any real astronaut, these future explorers are now more than ready to embark upon Mission X, taking the torch of spaceflight to even deeper reaches of space.

Through the Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut fitness challenge, space invades the classroom, physically manifesting as elaborate decorations of stars and fields of meteors. As planets and aliens made of paint and plaster hang above, Mission X is brought to life by the teachers who use the project's resources to encourage mental and physical growth.

 "The teachers are the real champions," said NASA Human Research Program project contributor Scott Townsend. "It takes one person in a school system to make something happen, and then it takes the support of the person above them."

 Mission X began as a local investment in NASA Johnson Space Center's community in its pilot year. The next year, the project reached 12 countries and roughly 4,200 student participants. That number has now skyrocketed to more than 104,000 students in 38 countries and Taiwan in the 2017 challenge. Participants use NASA and the astronaut experience as a roadmap for their own health and fitness achievements.

 Mission X, however, is about more than simply physical and nutritional growth. Children are provided with interactive science experiments that demonstrate how comparison and rationale play into drawing conclusions. Teamwork is emphasized, showing what can be accomplished when working together. Students are not only exposed to the present landscape of spaceflight, but also challenged to stand before their classmates and present about the history of NASA, fostering public speaking skills and the presentation of ideas before a group at a very young age.

 Mission X also enlists real astronauts on space missions as "ambassadors" to interact with the students. Nearly 50 Mission X ambassadors, such as Kate Rubins from Expedition 48/49, have engaged with students through videos while aboard the International Space Station. They answer questions, participate in Mission X activities and encouraging healthy lifestyles by sharing their own personal journeys.

 Nubia Carvajal, Mission X Project Coordinator, believes the program's success is partly due to its "international flair."

 "Mission X encourages teamwork without borders," Carvajal said. "Mission points are converted into steps, and that is how we get Astro Charlie (the program mascot) moving. It is not about one step or one country, it is about everyone moving."

 Both Carvajal and Townsend spent years as public school educators. Carvajal regularly meets with international partners such as ESA (the European Space Agency) to discuss the future of Mission X. Each country has a lead who participates in decisions about the upcoming direction of the project.

 With teachers at the helm and more students worldwide to reach, there is indeed a bright future ahead--for NASA and this interactive education portal. The universe is vast; the opportunities for growth are almost as endless. But before you can fly, you must first simply . . . move.

 Consider joining the worldwide team at Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut.

NASA's Human Research Program (HRP) is dedicated to discovering the best methods and technologies to support safe, productive human space travel. HRP enables space exploration by reducing the risks to human health and performance using ground research facilities, the International Space Station and analog environments. This leads to the development and delivery of a program focused on: human health, performance and habitability standards; countermeasures and risk-mitigation solutions; and advanced habitability and medical-support technologies. HRP supports innovative, scientific human research by funding more than 300 research grants to respected universities, hospitals and NASA centers to over 200 researchers in more than 30 states.

 Melanie Whiting
 Laurie Abadie
 NASA Human Research Strategic Communications

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Discovering the Perfect Family Vacation Ideas at Trump Hotels

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE Press Release)--Trump Hotels™, the luxury portfolio known for its exceptionally designed hotels in iconic destinations, doubles down on its “Never Settle” philosophy with a host of new family oriented packages and Trump Kids® programming created to ensure the perfect family vacation.

From high-rise “glamping” overlooking Central Park to family golf outings in Miami, these family packages transcend standard hotel offerings and will delight kids of all ages and their parents. Trump Kids offers a personalized stay experience with unique amenities, such as monogrammed bathrobes, milk and cookies, and a cuddly nighttime toy. In addition, special programs and classes that are customized for each location create family bonding time and keep kids engaged throughout their stay.

“We’ve designed Trump Kids and these exclusive experiences to provide families with memorable moments that children and their parents will talk about for years to come,” said Sarah Koves, Vice President of Marketing at Trump Hotels. “We Never Settle for anything less than providing inspirational vacations for families.”

Trump International Hotel & Tower New York

 “Kids in the Kitchen”
This offering provides future gourmets the opportunity to become little star chefs. With the “Kids in the Kitchen” basket, adult guests are able to enjoy time in Trump Central Park’s fully equipped kitchens baking with the kids. They will create a scrumptious batch of cookies from scratch as well as other fun goodies to take home. Included in “Kids in the Kitchen” are items such as cookie mix and everything else needed to make delicious home-made cookies; embroidered Trump chef jackets (for the kids); a Trump spatula; assorted cookie cutters; a Trump oven mitt; and a kids cookbook. Pricing starts at $125/child.

 “Glamping by the Park”
Guests can enjoy an indoor camping experience high above Central Park with Trump New York’s glamping experience. The package includes a tent, sleeping bags, lantern complete with nature sounds, "campfire," plus a make-your-own s’mores kit in the comfort of the suite living room, overlooking the beautiful trees of Central Park. Available in Executive Park One-Bedroom and Two-Bedroom Suites, the package starts at $1,400 and is valid for booking year-round, based upon availability, with a minimum two-day advance booking.

More on family vacation ideas at Trump hotels: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170803006083/en/Discover-Perfect-Family-Vacation-Trump-Hotels